Related to Mother
Sanskrit Malayalam English Description
1 राजपत्नी गुरोः पत्नी
भ्रातृपत्नी तथैव च।

पत्नीमाता स्वमाता च
पञ्चैते मातरः स्मृताः॥

Wife of the king, wife of the teacher,

Wife of the elder brother,
Wife's mother and own mother
are the five mothers of a person

2 नान्नोदकसमं दानं

तिथिर्नैकादशी समा।
न गायत्र्याः परो मन्त्रः
न मातुः परदैवतम्॥

There are no alms that are equivalent to that of grain and water;

there is no day (thithi) equivalent to Ekadashi.
There is no mantra superior to Gayatri mantra
and there is no God superior to one's mother.